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Plastic coil carpets, rugs, MATS spraying plastic extrusionequipment from the top of the wire to the underground forming foam layer, and compound forming in one time, walk to feel comfortable and soft coil spray layer corrosion resistance effect, change different color, can produce different colors of mat. It has high degree of automation, stable product quality and high efficiency.
The main parts of the PVC carpet plastic plastic extrusion contain single screw extruder, Hydraulic Automatic Switch, Mould and wire board,forming tank, Coil product cooling molding machine, Bottom Leather Forming Machine, oven box and haul off machine, the second heating oven box, Haul off and cutting machine, vacuum mixing machine,and winding machine. For oven box is unique design by ourselves, it is adopt 2 grade heating to ensure the heating temperature and operation are more stable.
Coil carpet characteristics
Using high density rubber and plastic coil materials, the feet feel soft and elastic, the four seasons anti-skid ring carpet, luxurious and comfortable environmental protection.High quality PVC colloid softness is not cold or hot climate changes significantly, along with the four seasons all appropriate, environmental protection material, comfortable and safe, fast air sound insulation, easy to clean, dry, slide, flame retardant, durable, anti-fouling, corrosion resistance, scraping the sand scraping mud, antistatic, water, mildew antibacterial, anti-aging
The specification of the plastic extrusion
No.Name & Model
01Single Screw Plastic Extruder SJ100x30
02Hydraulic Quick exchange Net changer
03Hydraulic Station
05Forming Tank
066000m Hot wind recycle oven box
07Dipping and Gluing equipment
081000m Hot wind recycle oven box
09Raw materials Mixer

The parameters of plastic extrusion
Width of products (mm)Single Color 1200 Single Color 2000 Single Color 2400 Double Color 1200 Double Color 2000 
ExtruderSJ 120/25 SJ 150/25 SJ 180/25 SJ 90/25 SJ 150/25 
T-Die (mm)1320 2120 2520 1320 2120 
Water tank15002200260015002200
Dewater device15001500260015001500
Binder Spray15002200150015002200
Cooling off15002200260015002200
Traction trimming12002000240012002000
Cooling water (m)2030502030
Power380V 50HZ380V 50HZ380V 50HZ380V 50HZ380V 50HZ
Compression air (Mpa)
Max. speed (m/min)
Total power (Kw)600650750650650
Equipment size (m)42 X 3.0 X 6.042 X 4.5 X 6.042 X 5.0 X 6.042 X 3.0 X 6.042 X 4.5 X 6.0
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