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3 layer upvc roof tile
In the past, the roof of industrial plants mainly use precast concrete or asbestos. With the rapid promotion of light steel structure, pvc roof sheet replace the two kinds of materials with its significant advantages. UPVC roof sheet have better insulation effect and can truly suit the lightweight light steel system fast and efficient.
Specifications of 3 layer upvc roof tile
ModelT900 T1130 T1350 HT910 HT940 HT1035 HT1075
Overall width900mm 1130mm 1350mm 910mm 940mm 1035mm 1075mm
Effective width840mm 1050mm 1260mm 840mm 880mm 960mm 1000mm
Max 5.8m for 20FT container, Max11.8m for 40HQ container
Purlin distance660mm 880mm
Quantity /40HQ6800m25700m24800m2
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Main color of 3 layer upvc roof tile
Excellent advantages of 3 layer upvc roof tile
Why ASA+UPVC, Not clay, Not steel, Not cement?
Color stable
Heat insulation
Accessories of 3 layer upvc roof tile
Application of 3 layer upvc roof tile
UPVC roof sheet has became the preferred choice in the current single-storey building. For multi-storey industrial plants, in addition to the upvc roof sheet can be used for the roof, it can also be used for the wall. The colors and shapes could be changed to beautify the appearance of the building.
Installation and notes of 3 layer upvc roof tile
During handling, the products must not be thrown rudely to avoid damaging or scratching the product surface.
Store the tiles in dry and flat site with good ventilation. Products should be protected by coverings with good air permeability.
Royal Tile is applicable for the pitch from 20°to 80°. For the pitch beyond this range, special measures should be taken during installation.
1. Anti-corrosion treatment: Metal purlines should be coated with one layer of anti-rust paint and two layers of finishing coatings. Wood purlines should be coated with anti-corrosion or asphalt oil.
2. The top purlines should have 180mm distance from the ridge line in order to install the ridge tiles.
3. The bottom purline should have 50-70mm distance from the eave.
4. The suggested purline spacing is 660mm.
Our Certificate
Test Report of 3 layer upvc roof tile
NO.Test ItemTest MethodTest ConditionTest Result
1UV ExposureASTM G154-12 ASTM D2244-11ASTM G154-12 cycle 1, Lamp type:UV340, Exposure period:200hΔE*ab=0.5
2Tensile StrengthASTM D638-10Testing speed:50mm/min26Mpa
3Flexural StrengthASTM D790-10 Procedure ATesting speed: 1.3mm/min Span:48mm52Mpa
4Impact ResistanceASTM D5420-10Geometry GE(Ø12.7mm) Impact Weight:0.9kgMean Failure energy:4J
5High Temperature Resistance
60℃, 6hNo visible change
6Low Temperature
-35℃, 6hNo visible change
7Chemical Resistance
70% Ethanol solution(v/v), Immersion test, 23℃, 2hNo visible change
10% NaOH solution Immersion(m/m), test, 23℃, 2hNo visible change
Saturated NaCL solution(m/m), Immersion test, 23℃, 2hNo visible change
8Thermal ConductivityASTM C518-10Mean Temperature 25.58℃Temperature difference 9.36℃Thermal Conductivity 0.071[(W/(M.K)]
920mm Vertical burning testUL94-2013 Section 8Specimen:129×12.5×3.0mmV-0
10Sound Insulation
Compare with metal roof tile30dB lower
11Hard to Burn
B1 GradeOxygen index 32.4
FAQ of 3 layer upvc roof tile
Q: What machine do you use to cut the roof and install the screws ?
A: Using portable cutting machine and Portable electric drill.
Q: Does you charge for the samples?
A: We just sent free samples to customers while the customers afford the freight fees.
Q: Can you produce according to customers'design?
A: At the beginning you need pay the mould fees, after certain quantity, the mould fees will be returned as product.
Q: Can I order Fine roof tile in any special lengths?
A: Yes!
For Roma roof tile, length should be the times of 328mm.
For Royal roof tile, length should be the times of 219mm
For UPVC roof tile, length is customized, but should be suit for the inner size of containers.
Q: Are you roof tiles environment-friendly?
A: All of our products are environmentally friendly, pollution-free, and can be recycled.Roof Application price

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