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Color Aluminized Polyester Film
Product Overview
PET full name is polyethylene terephthalate, also known as high temperature polyester film. It is produced by condensation polymerization of terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol.
Product Features
Colored polyester film material is transparent and colorful, the surface has been hardened. Transmittance is also the main property of PET protective film material, the general light transmittance of 90% or more. Customized colors according to customer requirements.
Product Performance:
1. Aluminum layer have strong adhesion, high brightness.
2. Bright color uniformity, color with good fastness.
3. Have excellent ink adsorption properties.
4.Flexible and easy to use to create airtight bonds;
5.Excellent initial and long term adhesion;
6.Excellent chemical and thermal stability.
Colored polyester film can be widely used in magnetic recording, photographic materials, electronics, electrical insulation, industrial film, packaging decoration, screen protection, optical grade mirror surface protection and other fields.
Product after-sales
The customer complaints and return handling
1, such as open the package found quality problems please provide pictures to the company or supervisor confirm within 24 hours and to confirm the return to the total warehouse within 3 days, the supplier will promise package returned, Overdue not accepted, please know.
2, in the film process, if the non-film itself quality problems, man-made damage or artificial paste bad, the supplier will not be returned. (Out of the box damaged is different from man-made bad ,can be compared out )
3, in order to respect the rights of consumers to choose and product quality problems caused by the sale, you can return film within 15 days . The return standard: the film in the transport process is damaged or plastic surface quality problems can be replaced, (if the protective film in the course of scratches, Alice, or bubbling, these are not quality problems, Identify responsibility, we do not provide customer service.)
1.Q: What is your minimum order quantity, can you give me a sample?
A: Generally speaking, our minimum order quantity is 50,000 square meters, which can be negotiated in detail. Our company can provide samples, warmly welcome you to visit our company.

2.Q: What is the quality level of your product?
A: So far, we already have a quality management system certification.

3.Q: What is the delivery time of your goods?
A: In general, the delivery time of our goods is about 30 days.

4.Q: The goods can be customized according to need, such as on our logo?
A: Of course our goods can be customized according to your needs, or you can use your logo.

cheap PET films

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