How is Ronaldo going to manage himself against italian defenders?Will he be less of a goal scorer?

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Crisitiano Ronaldo the greatest footballer of all time has arrived to conquer Italy. Juventus were already a great team before he came, They had good performances in Champions league until of course they faced the man himself. talking about Italy , Italy is the place where great defenders are born,No I didn’t mean roman defenders with their spears and swords, I meant great center backs and others like Chilleni. Now what was the question , I forgot it. How will Ronaldo deal with the Italian defenders? Well let me answer this a bit indirectly. During this world cup Spain was considered a favorite because of their heavy defense that seemed like they could withstand a nuclear bomb. Just look at their players . Some of the best Center backs at the moment like Ramos and Pique. But look at what happened when they played against Cristiano. Either Ronaldo was much stronger than a nuclear bomb because Spanish defense was torn apart and his guns destroyed their goal post. Now children , what did we learn, Ronaldo is Ronaldo no matter whom he faces.


Now moving to lesson no.2

Ronaldo against Italian teams has been extremely good .The numbers tell the truth. Let me show. Now he could have only faced Italian teams in CL and in Champions league Ronny has scored 24 times in 35 games.Keep in mind that most of these was against Juventus, Roma, Milan, Napoli etc. The top tier of the Italian Serie A. I am gonna stop my answer here because I think you are thinking exactly what I am thinking.

So mates “ Be afraid , Be very afraid, he is coming for you”

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Awesome answer. He is the best of them all and will survive in every condition.
Juventus has a great team  and ronaldo will not struggle. He can dominate italy for the upcoming years.
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