When Are Safety Shoes Required?

I can see safety shoes in all areas. Why do we give importance to safety shoes? What are the benefits with them? Please leave some answers and make me clear.
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Safety shoes are required wherever there is a risk for foot injury at workplace. These shoes would provide proper protection to employees from falling and flying objects that hold enough potential to inflict harm to their feet. They provide protection from cutting hazards and electrical hazards and help prevent burns, slips, trips and falls. Hence it is necessary to wear safety shoes in workplace.Visit this website https://workbootsandshoes.com.au to get safety shoes. 

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Safety shoes are worn by those who are working on hazardous conditions mostly. It is a must for those working in industries like mining or fire department etc. If you have a job that requires you to work in high temperatures or you are in risk of heavy materials falling it can save you from a lot of medical leaves. It provides safety against impacts , pressure, collision etc.
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