How has technology caused our body to evolve?

What biological and mental changes have technology brought to us?
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I am going to tell how the brain has changed due to technology.

Every time we learn something new, we build a new pathway in the brain. This is similar to how every time we interact with a substance, our body learns to deal with it. (Think about people on anti-depressants or drug addicts dependent on a substance they didn't start out needing.) When we do something like learn how to type, we create pathways meant to handle the new skill. Learning how to code increases the brains ability to abstract out problems and think at different levels. 

exposure to screens and other artificial light messes up our circadian rhythms, making it more difficult to sleep properly. Drugs have far reaching side effects that, in most cases, we really don't fully understand. When the acne drug Accutane (generic: Isotretinoin)  came on the market, no one really knew how potent of a depressant it could be. After a rash of severe depression by a group of individuals prescribed the drug, the psychoactive effects of the drug were more fully explored. The original manufacturer then, basically, got sued out of existence. 

Focus on intelligence has now shifted from knowledge to understanding. Now, it doesn't matter how much you know since it's very easy to google any topic. However, understanding and utilizing that topic still requires a lot of effort and intelligence.

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