Are we living in a computer simulation? 3 reasons to believe we are not.

Are we living in a computer simulation? it has been part of popular movies like matrix, and games like the sims and Saints row.But how true can this fantasy be? Here are 3 reasons to believe that we are not characters on a computer simulation and that our world will not end if the power of the simulation goes.So relax and read.

1.Its Physically impossible:

Scientists in Oxford university recently did experiments to prove that we are not living in a simulation.They checked what it would take to simulate quantum many-body effect. They tested an anomaly called quantum hall using quantum monte carlo .and they realised the amount of accuracy on reality forquantum phenomena is impossible for simulations. (I know most of you did not understand a word). Well what this means is that our world is too complex to be a simulation.

2.Why waste soo much power and technology on this?

Well even today humans are trying to find ways to reduce power consumption and make everything efficient.Why would anyone ever make a simulation that will be extremely power consumptive and would be very resource intensive.Would you spend years to make a simulation that costs billions of dollar and do nothing much but simulate?

3.Lack of proof.

even though some scientists believe that there is a one in a billion chance that we are living in a simulation,There is no proof that we are living in a simulation.Science believes that wat cannot be proved doesnt exist.Also the quantum phenomena explanation gives a bit more proof that its more likely we are not coded beings.