7 Tips to make any problem easy

Most students agree that numerical problems are the toughest to do and many hate Maths and Physics due to this one reason.But why should students lose all interest due to just this single problem. So here are 7 tips to make any problem feel like a breeze and not a category 4 storm.

1.Change your attitude.

If you feel that maths or physics problems are too hard to solve, you should stop giving these subjects any importance and focus on easier subjects is the right tactics.then my friend you are completely wrong. They say that there are two responses to danger(Lets consider maths and physics as dangers).They are fight or flee.Now maths or physics are dangers you dont want to flee away from because that will end your report cards with pathetic marks and can bring potential for physical and mental dangers . So what do you do? You fight.The fighting attitude is highly reccomended for students. If you are afraid of a subject dont avoid it.Work harder on it the most.

2.Practice,Practice and never stop Practicing

They say that practice makes a man perfect,and it is very true in the case of problems.If you successfully solved a problem once doesnt mean you are an expert on solving the problem yet.There are always tougher problems than the one you solved.Also never avoid any problems ,thinking that you solved that type already because appearences are deceptive and they certainly are.Practicing also improves your speed and lets you solve problems faster .and time is a keyword when it comes to exams.

3.Learn the theories first.

Never rush.Without knowing the theories it is nearly impossible to solve problems.Having a clear idea of the theory will boost your confidence and help problems seem very easy. Ask and clear any doubts on theories to your teachers to get problems to become very easy.Great knowledge on theories can make you into the ultimate weapon. No problem can stand your might if you have good knowledge on the theories.

4.Dont overthink

A common mistake students make is that they overthink the problem.Sometimes the question might be the simplest of the lot yet you might try to think of new formulas and theories to solve it.Overthinking can seriously waste your time. The best solution for this is to start thinking every problem from the basics and then move onto the advanced methods .

5.Keep calm,Exercise and give your brain exercise too.

Physical fitness and mental fitness can really work wonders on your problem solving skills.When you are solving a problem its important to not get tensed.Thinking of time and other things while solving the problem can cause stress and cause you to make mistakes.exercising on a regular basis is key to problem solving too. You can also give your brain a lots of exercise bydoing mentally heavy things like sudoku,crosswords etc.

6.Work together

Combined studies and studying in groups can help you find new methods to solve problems.Maths is an ocean extending to infinty and it has infinite ways to do nearly every problem.Working together like this can help you find the methods that will fit you the best.

7.Learn to use your tools well. Using calculator and other tools can affect your skills badly too.Their presence can make yout think less while solving problems.But if you have exams or other tasks where these tools are allowed,you need to learn to use them with speed and accuracy. Also proper method of using must be known.There are many online tools like mathematrix.xyz available which you can use to check your answers .

Problem solving is about believing yourself.Believe,Be calm ,work hard and you too can solve the problems like a pro. Most importantly. Never give up.