About Us

About Mathematrix

Mathematrix,is an educational website with founders who are always trying to make faster and efficient tools. We try to help clear doubts and solve every problem .

Our staff is constantly updating our tools and we are always adding more tools and content.We are also active all the time to get feedbacks and solve issues

We do not make tools to help students do homework easier.But our work is focused on improving the understanding and reasonging skills and knowledge.Our q and a platform is knowledge sharing and Our tools constantly help everyone find various calculations And tremendously become a better person and inspire others.

Our Founders

Daya Darshan (Chief Technical Officer)

An amazing 16 year old programmer . Talented and always improving. His aim of constantly working hard on improving our tools has lead us forward.Very skilled and hard working. Always ready to do more

Thejas T (Chief Executive Officer)

A good 17 year old programmer who is creative and helped the team nurture many ideas. Always looking for more work and pushing the team further with his abilities.Still learning and Researching on how to do more.

Our Staff

Anand(chief marketing officer)

A good manager and marketer who helped us develop marketing strategies and is the leader of our product development and advertising strategies.

Akash(chief operating officer)

He is an important member of our team. takes care of day to day processess and brings us ideas for improving

Shobika(market management head)

She creates plans and other prorammes to improve customer service and helps us market our product

Vishnu(Head Of Technical Department)

A good programmer and a nice systematic person.He helped us improve many technical things and had been part of our updates